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telecommunications lawDelivering tailor made methods for purchasers who function in the technology, media and telecommunications sectors requires GURKAYNAK’s crew of attorneys to be at the slicing-edge of expertise, with a thorough understanding of present and emerging mediums while additionally demonstrating a complete knowledge of authorized apply. 59. (1) Particular person licence for telecommunication activity with nationwide coverage shall not be issued to a public operator or to a associated person within the meaning of the Business Regulation, holding different licence for a similar sort of telecommunication activity.

eighty three. (1) Switch of shares or shares of the capital or admitting new companions in trade corporations – licensed public operators may be carried out upon a previous notification to the Commission when the transfer of shares or stocks or the admission of latest companions don’t change the control over the management of the corporate.

12. The Minister of Transport and Communications shall perform the state policy in the telecommunications on the grounds of this legislation, of the sector coverage and of the state policy of planning and distribution of the radio frequency spectrum.

In the event of declaring within the nation a state of martial law, or a state of warfare, the Minister of Transport and Communications, on the proposal of a reliable authority, could require that the Fee for Regulation of the Communications cancels the validity of the individual licenses issued, as well as ban the usage of radio tools and of the radio frequency spectrum for civil needs.