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marriage lawBy, regulation, the county clerk’s workplace is the only company permitted to situation marriage licenses. 21. If any person or individuals shall so take away, or trigger to be taken away, as is aforesaid, and deflower any such maid or girl little one, as is aforesaid, or shall, towards the need or information of the daddy of any such maid or woman youngster, if the daddy be in life, or against the desire or data of the mom of any such maid or woman child, having the custody and governance of such baby, if the daddy be useless, by secret letters, messages, or in any other case, contract matrimony with any such maiden or lady child, each individual so offending and being thereof lawfully convicted, shall suffer imprisonment of his physique, by the house of 5 years, without bail or mainprize.

11 See id. A Louisiana district courtroom struck down the amendment to the Louisiana Constitution, discovering that the state structure prevents a constitutional modification from having multiple goal and that this amendment contained two: defining marriage and stopping the state from recognizing a authorized standing considerably similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals.

England abolished clandestine or common-legislation marriages within the Marriage Act 1753 , requiring marriages to be carried out by a priest of the Church of England until the participants within the marriage had been Jews or Quakers The Act utilized to Wales The Act did not apply to Scotland as a result of by the Acts of Union 1707 Scotland retained its own authorized system.

19. And whereas ladies, as well maidens as widows, and wives having substances, some in goods moveable, and a few in lands and tenements, and some being heirs obvious unto their ancestors, for the lucre of such substances, have been often instances taken by misdoers opposite to their will, and afterwards married to such misdoers, or to others by their consent, or defiled: Be it further enacted, That in any respect person or individuals shall take any girl in opposition to her will unlawfully, that is to say, maid, widow or spouse; such taking and the procuring and abetting to the identical, and also receiving wittingly the identical woman so taken, against her will, shall be felony, and that such misdoers, takers, and procurers to the same, and receivers, knowing the said offence in type aforesaid, shall be reputed and judged as principal felons: Offered all the time, That this act shall not lengthen to any individual taking any girl, only claiming her as his ward or bond girl.