Everything you need to know about vegetable-tanned leather

Leather is imprinted into our lives in more ways than one. Leather can be found everywhere, from wallets to shoes, belts to handbags, leads, and leashes. If you are a leather connoisseur, you might be aware of veg tan leather and how it is made.

In this blog, we will take you through the process of making vegetable tan leather.

What is leather, and how is it made?

Leather is a material produced from animal skin. Leather material is durable and provides flexibility to the products made out of it. The skin of the animals such as horses, cows, goats, sheep, snakes, crocodiles, and ostriches are often used for making leather.

Different animals have different hide types. Some hides have characteristics like flexibility, durability, or appearance. The unique features of these hides come in handy in making leather for desired purposes. Veg tanned leather can be turned into accessories, footwear, upholstery, garments, reins, leads, and much more.

How is animal skin turned into hides for leather?

Animal skin is made of collagen. Collagen is the main protein in the skin that gives it elasticity and structure. When turning skin into leather, collagen must be persevered and prevented from decomposing and breaking down. This is where tannins come into the picture. Tannins have antioxidant properties that prevent the rotting of collagen when turning animal skin into leather.

Tannins are a yellow or brown coloured organic substance found in plant tissues. The process of using this substance in the leather making is called tanning.

Vegetable tanning is a time-intensive process that requires skilled craftsmanship. The process involves soaking the hides in concentrated tannins for several months. Veg tan leather is superior quality leather majorly used for shoe soles, premium handbags, belts, etc.

What makes vegetable-tanned leather desirable over other leather?

  • Vegetable-tanned leather is made with the traditional approach. The aged-old technique is used to produce this leather material.
  • Veg tanned leather materials are hard-wearing and thick as compared to chrome leathers.
  • Vegetable-tanned leathers are biodegradable and thus environment-friendly.
  • The texture of vegetable tanned leather is natural, and it has an earthy smell. The leather feels more organic and rich.

Vegetable Tanning Leather vs. Chrome Tanning Leather

With the advancement in technology, different techniques of leather tanning have evolved. Vegetable tanning is one of the oldest methods of tanning leather. Veg tanning also involves an intricate process that makes the end product rich in texture and feel. The vegetable tanning method was first developed in 6000 BCE. The process is entirely organic and makes use of naturally found vegetable tannins. Tannins from the bark of mimosa, oak, and chestnuts are usually used for veg tanning.

Nowadays, minerals like chromium sulfate are used for tanning leather. The chrome tanning techniques work the same way in preserving the collagen in the skin hides from decomposition. In this method, chrome salts are bind together with collagen protein to create stable chromium protein structures.

While the chrome tanning process is significantly faster than veg tanning, heavy metal … Read More

Top Reasons Why Forex Brokers Hire Lawyers in Cyprus

The forex industry is very important in Cyprus. It employs thousands of people. The country is also the headquarters of most forex trading companies. A common question is on the reasons why most forex brokers hire attorneys.


The forex industry is in the finance sector. At the same time, Cyprus is member of the European Union. The EU is known for strict regulations. The most recent regulations are MIFID, which took effect in 2018. The laws require that all companies must follow a number of requirements to be within the law. For example, they should have a compliance office. The office enables that the company follows all the laws. Also, companies need to have lawyers to ensure that they understand the various recommendations. Therefore, companies hire quality lawyers like Pavlaw to ensure that they operate within the law.


The finance industry is a complex one. It attracts multiple litigations every year. For example, many forex trading companies face lawsuits about their products. They also face lawsuits from regulators, peer companies, and customers. As a result, these companies hire lawyers to help them face the lawsuits.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Another reason why many companies hire lawsuits is in case of mergers and acquisition. In a merger, two companies decide to join and become one. In an acquisition, a smaller company is acquired by a bigger company. It can be acquired using cash or stock. Granted, the number of M&A in Cyprus is relatively small. However, when it happens, lawyers are very instrumental.

Company Registration

Over the years, Cyprus has made it easy for companies to register their organizations. Today, it is possible to have a company registered using the internet. However, to register, you need to know how it is done. With the number of forex brokers coming to the country increasing, the need for company registration lawyers is increasing. These attorneys advise the companies on how to get their companies registered.


Cyprus is known for its low interest rates. It is a safe haven that has the lowest corporate tax rate in the European Union. There are other provisions that make it easy for companies to operate. Still, the country has taxes that must be paid. Failure to pay these taxes can lead to significant issues for companies. For this reason, most companies spend a lot of money hiring lawyers to advise them on taxes. The attorneys also ensure that the companies comply with the law.

Lawyers in Cyprus also do a lot of work for forex brokers. Other work that they do is to help them raise money, restructuring and insolvency, project finance, and employee relations.


As a forex broker, you should do the best to have the best lawyer representing you. It is recommended that you hire a law firm, instead of an individual lawyer. You should establish a long-term relationship with the firm. This will help the firm gain a better understanding of your organization and represent you whenever you need them.

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