The Rule of Law

The Rule Of Law is a concept put forward by an A.V. Dicey in 1885 was written in a book called Introduction To The Study Of The Law Of Constitution. Since then The Rule Of Law began to become a study material in the development of a legal state, and even spread to every country that has a different system.

The Dicey concept is essentially that The Rule Of Law contains three important elements, namely:

  • Supremacy of Law
  • Equality Before The Law
  • Constitution Based On Human Rights

The Supremacy of Law means that there is no arbitrary power, both the governed people and the ruling king. Both are subject to the law. This principle places the law in the position of commander. law must be used as a tool to justify power, including limiting that power. So those who are powerful, sovereign and supreme are laws not power.

The supremacy of this law can be said to be the same as the teachings put forward by Krabbe on the theory of legal sovereignty, a theory that opposes the teachings of the souvereiniteit staats commonly adopted by German state thinkers.

The realization of the principle of supremacy of law in Anglo Saxon countries is somewhat different from what happened in Continental European countries which adheres to the concept of rechtstaats. The rule of law according to the concept of the rule of law is to place the state as a legal subject, so that the legal consequences can be prosecuted in court. While in Anglo-Saxon countries it is not so, the supremacy of law according to the concept of the Rule of Law, does not place it as a legal subject. The state in this concept cannot do anything wrong, so the consequences cannot be held accountable in court.

Equality Before The Law, means that all citizens are subject to their personal and qualifications. And as state officials are subject to the same law and are tried in the same ordinary court. So every citizen is equal before the law. Rulers and citizens alike can. When committing an illegal act, it will be tried according to Common Law rules and in ordinary courts.

The Constitution Based on Human Rights element if understood means the existence of a constitution which is commonly referred to as a constitution. The constitution here does not mean that it is a source of human rights but indicators of human rights that are embedded in a constitution, literally it can be said that what has been poured into the constitution must be protected.

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How to cope with divorce and separation for children

Most divorce cases can have a negative impact on children, both physically and psychologically. So divorce really needs to be considered carefully, is this really the best way for you, your partner, and your children.

But if the divorce solution is the main one, then as a parent you must be able to provide good understanding to the child so that it can reduce the adverse effects that can occur. Now here are some ways that can reduce and overcome the adverse effects that occur in children when divorce occurs:

Provide opportunities for children to be able to talk about the conditions of divorce that occur and how the divorce can affect their lives. Sometimes children have questions that are beyond your expectations, so try to be open even if you feel cornered.

If you cannot explain to children, you can ask for help from other parties who have emotional closeness with children, such as relatives or relatives. Don’t vilify your former partner in front of a child. Even though there is still anger or revenge, as much as possible, do not expose it in front of the child. This can cause children to have their own trauma on marriage.

Ask for support to your family and closest friends. So that it will indirectly provide an opportunity for children to meet other people who both go through good divorce conditions. Support children to always have a positive outlook on their parents. Keep giving the same attention as before.

Now that was some of the effects of divorce on a child’s psychological condition. Of course the role of parents is a very important role. So as a good parent to always be mature and not selfish especially when it comes to child problems.

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Harvard Legislation Faculty

harvard law schoolIn August 2013, Christian Union launched its first graduate school ministry on the Harvard Regulation College. The S.J.D. (Physician of Juridical Science) continues to be a extra superior degree, meant for students who wish to pursue a profession in authorized schooling. Cambridge, MA — Early Tuesday, April 5, four Harvard Law Faculty college students discovered a voice-activated recording gadget in Belinda Hall.

On Monday evening, an email sent to regulation college students from regulation faculty officials said Donald Trump’s supreme court docket nominee would not return for an eleventh winter time period. During Years three and four, students take elective programs at each colleges and must also take part in a Joint Diploma Program Seminar taught by HLS and HBS college during one among these years.

The monetary help consists of little or no grant funding and pales in comparison to the model of inclusive financial entry set forth by undergraduate applications throughout the country, together with Harvard College. The LL.M. (Grasp of Legal guidelines) program is a one-year diploma program that sometimes includes a hundred and eighty college students from more than 70 nations.

The pair crossed paths exterior a small authorized methods class just a few days after school started. Harvard Regulation School gives unmatched alternatives to check regulation and associated disciplines in a rigorous and collaborative environment. Situated in historic Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard Regulation College presents its students a challenging, supportive atmosphere and access to its unmatched array after all and tutorial offerings, a world alumni community and a bustling campus life.

Along with voicing assist for Sullivan’s defense of Weinstein, the legislation professors’ letter additionally criticized any potential University strain on Sullivan to resign. Ted Cruz graduated from HLS in 1995, jumping right into a career in politics and rising as a leader of the tea-get together motion inside the Republican Occasion.FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailRead More


marriage lawOur marriage legislation information breaks down each state’s laws for engaged couples reminiscent of age requirement, license expiration time, state residency and more. If somebody needs to have a relationship recognized as a wedding after the incapacity or loss of life of one or each of the companions, they could have to file a probate case so that the court can determine the interests of others who could be affected if the connection is acknowledged as a wedding.

Citizenship & Immigration Canada states that a typical-law accomplice refers to a person who resides in a conjugal relationship with one other person (opposite or same sex), and has completed so repeatedly for a period of not less than one yr.

21. If any particular person or persons shall so take away, or cause to be taken away, as is aforesaid, and deflower any such maid or woman baby, as is aforesaid, or shall, in opposition to the desire or data of the daddy of any such maid or lady child, if the daddy be in life, or in opposition to the desire or data of the mom of any such maid or woman baby, having the custody and governance of such little one, if the daddy be useless, by secret letters, messages, or otherwise, contract matrimony with any such maiden or girl little one, each individual so offending and being thereof lawfully convicted, shall endure imprisonment of his physique, by the house of 5 years, without bail or mainprize.

3 After Baehr, the validation of civil unions in Vermont and same-intercourse marriages in Massachusetts helped elevate these points to national importance. Age Requirement: Each parties must be 18 or older to get married without parental consent. In Nova Scotia , a pair must cohabit for two years in a marriage-like relationship, and should not have been married to a different individual throughout this time.

The clerk shall be entitled to demand and receive of the occasion so married, the sum of twenty-five cents for recording such certificates, and giving the bearer a receipt therefor. Each events have to be 18 years or older to get married without parental consent.FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailRead More

Cougar Patent Regulation

patent lawWhen you invent a new product, it’s essential to register for a patent to protect your design. Then it is time to accessorize by diving into the bottomless “I-had-ta-have-this” repository of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, beads, crystals and precious metals. The highly reputed legislation firm located in Freising supports you in all issues referring to patents, emblems, utility fashions and designs and assists you in asserting your rights also in complicated instances.

Offering high quality authorized representation and technical expertise, PK Patent Regulation ensures your ideas and innovations are absolutely and broadly protected. The European Patent Office estimated in 2005 that the common price of obtaining a European patent (via a Euro-direct application, i.e. not based mostly on a PCT application) and maintaining the patent for a ten-yr term was round €32,000.

Current case law and an evoloution of thought regarding competitors regulation and legal-economics theories point nonetheless to a doable policy shift on this regard. IPStyle is a number one patent and legal company, whose foremost specialization is the safety of mental property rights.

CASALONGA can be a full service IP regulation agency with places of work representing clients in all litigation points of mental property legislation before the French and European courts. To acquire safety below U.S. legislation, the applicant must submit a patent utility to the USPTO, where it will likely be reviewed by an examiner to find out if the invention is patentable.FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailRead More

Intercountry Adoption

adoptionBarnardos Australia’s Find-a-Household program finds suitable adoptive families for children who want a brand new family. Discover out what’s involved in the adoption process, who can assist and tips on how to search for adopted kids or delivery dad and mom. Nevertheless, the department or delegated county adoption company should investigate the proposed adoption within a hundred and eighty days after they obtain a replica of the filed petition and 50 {f9cd19c3b9087042a1b5564a2cbc090bb84401abd1f436a12b71179ba0b95c01} of the adoption charge.

The truth is, roughly one-fourth of the kids adopted from the public foster care system are adopted by single people. 459 worldwide adoptions had been also recorded. KEMSOS is the government authority that administers Indonesian regulation and policy in issues regarding adoption and custody of kids.

In lots of states, fees to adopt a toddler from foster care are reimbursed by the state, making it very affordable. Typically, the natural parents will place the child within the potential adoptive mother and father’ house for a trial period without the pure mother and father having relinquished their rights.

When you’re not pleased with the council’s response, contact the Adoption Help Fund workforce. For situations through which the natural guardian can not or does not need to look after the child, the natural father or mother’s needs for the child’s placement receive important weight from the courtroom.

Photolistings like the Kids’s Coronary heart Gallery and AdoptUSKids are very efficient instruments for finding households for waiting children. Adoption brings a child born to other dad and mom into a new family. Among the ready youngsters have particular instructional, emotional or medical needs; this data is confidential and does not appear in their profiles.FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailRead More

A Brief History of

Why You Should Be Interested in Working with the Best Divorce Lawyer Today

One of the things that you always want to do is to make sure that you’re going to be very critical about protecting your family. This will mean that you have to be careful about your decisions. Among the things that will be very critical will be the proper handling of a divorce process, it is always very delicate. Looking for a professional to guide you in the process will be necessary. What you will quickly notice is that you’ll be able to gain more when you look for a divorce lawyer I do. It is important for you to be very careful about this process. You want to take the time to go through a process of identifying which lawyers may be available and how they can help you. Most of the time, it is always going to be easier for you to get quality solutions. The lawyers that you’re going to work with need to be in the same region like you are in order to get the full benefits. You are going to get quality lawyers if you are in Pennsylvania today, they are able to help you.

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