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Silver Dapple Stallion

Introducing Broken ‘s homozygous silver dapple stallion, Prince Kodiak.  Genetics testing results are back and show that he is homozygous for the silver gene and the black gene (ZZ, EE).  HE WILL ONLY SIRE SILVER DAPPLE FOALS!! In addition to his genetic make-up, we could not have drawn one any prettier.

Information about the Silver Dapple gene

The silver dapple (Z) gene is a dilution gene that affects the black base coat.  The gene has been known for 25 years or more, but is only recently becoming better understood.  Many breeds do not carry the silver dapple gene, but the breed most commonly associated with it is the Rocky Mountain Horse.  Since it is somewhat rare in Tennessee Walking Horses, silver dapples have become a most sought after color in the breed.  The gene will usually dilute a black mane and tail to flaxen, and a black body to a shade of brown or chocolate.  The most common colors in this category are black silver and bay silver, referring to the respective underlying coat color.

Silver dapple foals can be difficult to identify, but commonly have a pale, wheat colored body coat, white eyelashes, and hooves with tapering vertical stripes.  These characteristics fade over time.

Breeding Fee for Prince Kodiak

Private Treaty


Pedigree for Prince Kodiak
Sire: { Apaches Fierce Prince { Pushers Apache Man
{  Fierce Molly
Dam: { My Silver Suzie { Jim’s Fancy Man
{  Renagade Princess




Kodiak – TWH Stallion


Colt by Kodiak


Colt by Kodiak


Filly by Kodiak


Colt by Kodiak


Colt by Kodiak


Colt by Kodiak

Colt by Kodiak

Filly by Kodiak

Colt by Kodiak

Filly by Kodiak

Filly by Kodiak

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